About Us

In the age where information exists in every form of media, being able to tell a cohesive story across all media type is essential. At the intersection of design, art and technology, we aspire to create a new form of communication that continue through out different platforms. It’s a lot like the 3 states of matter.

Our Approach

We firmly believe that design process is never a straight line, and different medium type has its own character to influence each other. To create an adaptive experience, it is importance to iterate through out the design process. With our think, make, test workflow, we approach each project with an aspiration to distill large and complex problems into small and understandable solutions.


We love to think of ideas freely and to observe they take forms. In other word, we design for different shape of problems, but if we were to curate things we do most often it would includes:

Visual Identity,
Print Design,
Web Design + Development
Creative Coding
User Experience
Environmental Graphic
Communication Strategy

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Rua De Sacadura Cabral No 4B RC–LJ A Edif. Pou Cheong, Macau