Dec, 2012

Plaception — Catalog

Catalogue design for a group exhibition which features works from James Turrell, Anish Kapoor, Ryoji Ikeda, Richard Serra, Ólafur Elíasson, and Yayoi Kusama.
Aug, 2012

Center for Applied Science in Architecture (CASA)

Identity system design for a new academic-industrial alliance to accelerate a more aggressively experimental process that leads to development of new systems that produce a paradigm shift our future cities.
Dec, 2012

Plaception — Spatial Experience

Interactive title wall design for the show “Plaception” which echoes the printed catalogue as a way to experiment the relationship between sequential storytelling to physical experience. The time-delay installation illustrates the relationship between sensation and perception, the body and the mind.
Dec, 2012

Plaception — Poster Series

Poster series design for the show "Plaception".
Apr, 2012

Parenthesis — Journal About Everything in Between

A magazine designed to investigate the culture and lifestyle we are a part of. We value products and daily goods for more than just their appearance, admiring how they're made, by whom, and why.
Dec, 2011

American Airlines

Identity system designed for an airlines with rich historical and cultural heritage.
Aug, 2012

Architectonic Symposium

Poster design for "Architectonic Symposium", which held in Center for Applied Science in Architecture.
Aug, 2012

Biotechnology Excahnge

Identity system design for an annual biotechnology conference, officially known as Biotechnology Exchange or BX.
Aug, 2012

Biotechnology Excahnge Poster Series

Event schedule posters designed for Biotechnology Exchange conference showing information such as speaker list and time.
Coming Soon

ƒian Home Couture

Identity system designed for a local floral boutique and atelier.